One day Seth Powell posted a picture of a beautiful tiny house he had recently acquired on a Facebook Group, Tiny House People. The house, a Hobbit-style tiny home purchased from Incredible Tiny Homes in Morristown, Tn., is available to rent at tiny house resort in Lyons, Co. We got curious about WeeCasa, so we looked them up. We were impressed! So we sat down for a conversation with the proprietors to discuss what makes WeeCasa so special…

WeeCasa Tiny House Resort

TTH: So tell us about WeeCasa!

WeeCasa: We’re a resort community of 21 tiny homes located in beautiful, scenic Lyons, Co. We started out with 8 tiny houses and are now at capacity with 21. Our most recent addition was the Powell’s new tiny house…a welcome addition! Our smallest house is 175 square feet and our “largest” is 240.

TTH: So how did WeeCasa come about?

WeeCasa: Lyons suffered a “1000 year flood” in 2013 that completely devastated the town. The area where we sit now was once a trailer park. After the flood, this area was designated as a flood plain and no permanent structures could be built here. So, in 2015 we opened WeeCasa. Initially, the resort was primarily used as a place for wedding guests of the nearby wedding venue to stay.

Wee Casa in Lyons Colorado

TTH: That’s great! We love the innovative use of the land! So how have things changed?

WeeCasa: Well, as I mentioned initially, we were mostly frequented by wedding guests early on. But as the tiny house movement has exploded, the popularity of WeeCasa has grown. Now, we get Coloradoans who are wanting to try the tiny house experience, prospective tiny house owners who want to try a few different models or styles of tiny houses before they buy. And we also get current tiny house owners who want a vacation in beautiful Colorado.

TTH: Talk about that! What’s there to do in Lyons that draws in tourists?

WeeCasa: We’ve got great mountain biking trails, a river that’s great for kayaking and rafting, music, arts, festivals, great food and local craft beers. Oskar Blues Brewery was started in Lyons and their grill & brew in town always has something new and unique on tap. We’re also just 30 minutes from Boulder and 30 minutes from Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. There’s so much to do here and the area is just beautiful!

TTH: So what’s the feedback been like from your guests?

WeeCasa: They love it here! It’s a very different, very unique experience. This isn’t like staying in a boxy chain hotel – this is an experience. Some come here thinking its a “once in a lifetime” and then they keep coming back. Here’s the thing: When you go to a hotel, you may pass other guests in the hallway or at breakfast and may nod and say hello. But, at WeeCasa, there’s a sense of community. People get to know each other and strong bonds of friendship can be formed. You’re not going to get that kind of experience in a hotel.

Wee Casa Interior

TTH: And what’s the feedback about the tiny houses?

WeeCasa: We’ve had a lot of “converts”! Lots of people come here not knowing what to expect and before the weekends out they’ve ordered a tiny house! This is a great opportunity to “try before you buy” to make sure your lifestyle works for a tiny house. Tiny house living isn’t for everyone, but we do encourage everyone to at least try it out. We’re big on the minimalist living movement and ultimately creating a unique experience for our guests.

TTH: Thanks for your time and sharing with us! Anything else you’d like share with our fans?

WeeCasa: Thank you! We’d love to have you come and stay with us. You can learn more about us at