One of the challenges in owning a tiny home is keeping it comfortable. Because of the confined nature of a tiny house, it’s critical that your space is warmed in a safe and efficient manner. Enter the Dickinson Newport P 12000 Propane Direct Vent Heater.


  • Looks – This heater is attractive looking and has a glass front so the flames create a warm ambience in your tiny house.
  • Space – Because it’s wall mounted and fairly compact, it doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Safety – Like a tiny house boats are tightly confined spaces so the Dickinson, while originally designed for Marine applications is ideal for a tiny house. The unit gets warn, but not really too hot to the touch except for the glass front which gets quite warm to the touch.
  • Efficiency – The unit produces 4,000 – 5,000 BTU and consumes between 4 to 6 lbs of liquid propane per hour depending on its setting. The unit comes with a high and low setting. The unit has a 12 volt fan what helps spread the heat more evenly.


  • Thermostat – There isn’t a way to set the temperature, so it’s on on or it’s off. So, it works great on a cold night, but on those early fall nights you may want to run it for a little while and shut it off and throw on an extra blanket. This will heat up a small space quite quickly and unless its very cold out it may roast you out!
  • Manual Light – To light the unit you have to manually light it with a lighter. The unit has a thermocouple so you have to hold the knob until the thermocouple heats up to stay lit.
  • Loud – When the 12 volt fan is on, it gets fairly loud, so if you’re one of those folks that hates white noise you might want to not run the fan.


The Dickinson Newport P12,000 is a great little unit for a tiny house. It’s a good value for the money and its design makes it safe and efficient. If the P12,000 is too large (physically or produces too much heat) there is a smaller unit, the P9,000 which is a smaller unit with a similar design.

The unit is direct vented, so you’ll have to plan on accommodating a exhaust stack in the exterior of your tiny house design. The vent is 2 way, meaning it vents out exhaust from the heater and has an air intake integrated with it to draw in cold air. What this means, in practical terms, is the exhausted is cooled by air coming in one part of the pipe while air intake is warmed by the vent so it makes the system that much more efficient and the unit does not need air from the interior of the tiny house to run.

The Dickinson Newport can add to the warm, cozy, inviting ambiance of your tiny house when the flame adds a gentle glow to the night air! We at teeny-tiny-houses give the P12,000 five stars out of five. ★★★★★