Tiny House Life Space Kitchen

How to Decorate Your Tiny House

The way you choose to decorate your tiny house is largely a matter of preference. Everyone has their own unique […]

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Winterize Your Tiny House

5 Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Tiny House on Wheels Warm This Winter

If you live in a Tiny House on Wheels (THoW) and reside in a colder climate, you know how challenging […]

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Off grid tiny living can be great

To Grid or Not to Grid

One of the biggest challenges in owning a tiny house is trying to find a place to park it. One […]

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6 Obstacles to Going Tiny

The 6 Biggest Obstacles to Going Tiny

So, you’ve seen the cute little tiny houses on HGTV’s Tiny House Hunter and Tiny House Nation and you’re hooked! […]

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Tiny Baby Boomers

In a recent article, we discussed how tiny houses are all the rage with millennials and how they’re saying no […]

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Where Can I Park My TIny House

Where Can I Park My Tiny House?

One of the biggest challenges in going tiny is figuring out where to park your tiny house on wheels (TH0W) […]

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Innovative Tiny House Designs

Tiny House Life Space’s Innovative Approach to Tiny Living

Amongst the photos from the Georgia Tiny House Festival were several photos of a truly stunning tiny house. It turns […]

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Millennials and Tiny Houses

Millennials and the Strange Appeal of Tiny Houses

At a recent tiny house event, I overheard a conversation between a young twenty-something and her fifty-something father – it […]

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Tiny House Norms

Tiny Houses: Nonsense Trend or The New Norm

Whenever we mention to people that we run a website dedicated to tiny houses and the tiny house lifestyle, reactions […]

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Wee Casa Tiny House Resort

WeeCasa Tiny House Resort: Try Before You Buy

One day Seth Powell posted a picture of a beautiful tiny house he had recently acquired on a Facebook Group, […]

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