The other day we saw pictures of a brand new DIY tiny house build. The house was beautiful! The house was striking! The house was inspiring! We simply had to know more about it! One of the owners, Micky was kind enough to sit down with me to discuss the tiny house and her journey to tiny house living.

TTH – What made you decide to go tiny?

Micky – Well, my husband and I traveled abroad extensively. Traveling for long periods and living out of a suitcase makes you reevaluate what you really need. When we got back we looked at going to a small studio apartment, but there weren’t a lot of options in the area where we lived. Then we thought about living in an RV, but the more research we did, the more we realized that conventional RVs aren’t designed for full-time living and don’t hold up well over time.

TTH – So a small apartment wasn’t an option and an RV was out, what made you think about tiny houses?

Micky – Well, we knew about tiny houses. We’d seen the TV shows and I spent time looking at tiny houses online on sites like Pinterest and Facebook. We just decided that a tiny was the way to go.

Cliff Micky Interior

TTH – Your tiny house is visually stunning? How did you come up with the design?

Micky – We designed it ourselves. I came up with the idea of what I wanted and my husband created the design in a design program so we could see it. I had a lot of sources of inspiration. I especially liked Macy Miller’s tiny house.

Cliff Micky Exterior Tiny House

TTH – So did you take a long time to plan this out, or did you launch into it head first?

Micky – We definitely jumped in head first! We came up with the idea in November and by February we were building a tiny house.

Cliff Micky Tiny Loft

TTH – How long did the build take?

Micky – It took us 6 weeks. We had a few delays. For example, we didn’t know how long it would take to get the windows in. It took 14 days to get them in.

TTH – How did the build go?

Micky – It went really well. We each had our roles. My husband was the brains of the build and I was there to provide manual labor. One of the biggest challenges was we were working our regular jobs as well as working at night too. We’d get a couple hours of sleep and get to work building.

TTH – That must have been exhausting! Anything you’d change?

Micky – There are a couple things we’d change about the house. The black floors for one! They show every speck of dirt. I Swiffer them 3 or 4 times. We have a lot more space than I thought. We could have gotten the bigger composting toilet. There were a couple minor things that we changed during the build, but basically it turned out exactly like we’d planned it.

TTH – You’re located in the North; how did you handle the heating in your tiny?

Micky – We got a unit that is a combination heater/air conditioner/dehumidifier. It works really well. We also have a fan in the loft that helps circulate air and keeps it comfortable while you sleep.

TTH – A lot of folks are going to see your tiny house and they’re going to be inspired! What’s your advice to someone who sees this and wants to go tiny?

Micky – Sit down and think about how you live. Think about how many things you have and how little you need to live. For us, the minimalist life style is an ideal fit. People ask, “What about storage? Where do you keep all of your stuff?” This is it. This is all of my stuff. I don’t have more stuff and I don’t want more.  But this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Do your research. Plan ahead. You can save yourself a lot of aggravation by thinking through things before you start to build.

TTH – Your tiny house is really beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We wish you many years of happiness in it!