If you’re planning on building or buying a tiny house, there are a myriad of features and options you can choose – from bright colors to built-in storage the possibilities seem endless. But not all features are equal. Here are our 8 favorite tiny house features that you should consider for your tiny house:

  1. Loft – If you’re going to maximize the utility of your tiny house’s limited space a loft is a great feature. If you can’t build out, build up! A loft can give you more vertical space and allow you get the most out of your limited footprint. Most of the lofts are fairly similar in construction, but can be made to look unique by adding trim, railing and other¬†accoutrements.
  2. Dormers – If you do add a loft, adding dormers are a way to make your tiny house look and feel larger. Without changing the overall floor plan, window dormers are usually a relatively inexpensive addition.
    Tiny House Dormers - Courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses
    Tiny House dormer – Courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses
  3. Built-Ins – Adding built-in features such as bookshelves and drop-down wall shelves can help you conserve space and make an attractive place to store decorative and frequent-use items. Items stored on built-in shelves are out of the way while remaining extremely accessible.
    Tiny House Built-ins
    Tiny House Built-ins – Courtesy of HGTV
  4. Storage steps – There are a few different ways to access your loft. The most popular is a ladder, which doesn’t take much space. The other popular method is stores that are designed with built-in storage. The technique, frequently referred to as ‘Kaidan Dansu’, allows for out-of-sight storage to what is normally wasted, inefficient under-stair space.
    Kaidan Densu
    Kaidan Densu Hidden Storage – Image Courtesy of Apartment Therapy
  5. A convertible Sofa – A sofa that can be converted to a bed is a great way to have daily comfort and also be able to accommodate overnight guests. Convertible sofas can be a built-ins or free-standing.
    Tiny House Sofa
    Tiny House Sofa Courtesy of Tinylike.us
  6. Hook-ups – Even if you plan on living off-grid or boon-docking, adding integrated hook-ups for fresh water, electric and gray and blackwater can make your tiny house on wheels more versatile and usable. Even if you never have use for them, they can make your tiny house easier to sell at a later date.
    Tiny house hookup
  7. Solar panels – Adding solar panels can offer a flexible way to reduce electrical costs and provide power when off-grid. In some environments, solar panels can meet the relatively modest power needs of a tiny house.
    Off grid tiny living can be great
  8. Rain catchment system – By adding a rain catchment system, you can reduce water consumption for the grid, thus reducing water costs. Rain water can be filtered and used for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Rain water can also be used for gardening and washing the exterior of your tiny house.
    Rain CatchmentRain Catchment

Rain CatchmentThese are our top 8 favorite¬† tiny house features. What are your favorites? Any we’ve missed? Please let us know in the comments section or via our Facebook page. Until next time, keep thinking tiny!